T he Selling Forensics Group does not pretend to be everything to every sales organization, but we marshal resources to tackle every problem we uncover. We have formed alliances with some of the best sales enablement companies in the industry. We respect these companies and have detailed experience working with them. Our Partners are:

The TAS Group is focused on helping sales professionals be more productive and effective, and ultimately, helping to win more deals. They have built a set of world class software tools that connect to all the major sales force automation platforms including SalesForce.Com, which enforces the selling methodology and reinforces the training without killing selling productivity. The Selling Forensics Group has years of experience working with the TAS Group both on Training and SFA projects.

SalesQuest is one of the fastest growing sales intelligence companies. SalesQuest helps enterprise software and IT services companies in their quest for the 'holy grail' of enterprise sales intelligence. They deliver the most accurate and up-to-date deep-dive company profiles, which contain technology landscapes, strategies, business initiatives, active IT projects, budgets, decision maker contact info, and org charts. The Selling Forensics Group training courses and selling methods can be tied directly to the Sales Intelligence supplied by SalesQuest.

For more than a decade, Primary Intelligence has been the world leader in providing win loss analysis programs to small and large companies around the world. They have studied more than 30,000 purchase decisions in deals ranging in size from several thousand dollars to multi-billion dollar opportunities. One of the key finding from many Selling Forensics Groups’ engagements, is that many companies and selling teams do not really know why they win or loss deals. It gets simplified to one thing like price. Detailed Win/Loss Profiling makes both marketing and selling better!